How will the Read-a-Thon proceeds be used to support Hearst students?

Read-a-Thon proceeds will be used to directly support Hearst students during this one-of-a-kind year. Proceeds will provide:

  • Educational materials to support every student at Hearst

  • Access to online learning resources (e.g., Renaissance Learning, Raz-Kids, HearBuilder, Reading Eggs, Membean).

  • Invaluable time with Hearst's amazing Intervention Instructional Assistants

  • Support from Hearst's indispensable Technology Specialist

  • Updated tech tools to help teachers engage and connect with students.

What counts as “reading” for purposes of the Reading Log?

Reading is whatever the teacher defines it to be (e.g., physical books, online books, audio books, books read aloud to a student). The goal is to spend lots of time with books and to read more together!