The Hearst PTA is proud to announce that we have partnered with Tree Ring to create our Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year. Visit, to learn more.

Tree Ring accommodates the input of the entire Hearst community by allowing the uploading and sharing of photos and the customization of Yearbooks. That's right, after you order your Yearbook, you are able to personalize your own copy by creating special pages dedicated to your child's school year. These books therefore become more than just a school yearbook, they are a personal scrapbook -- a "tree ring" record of your child's years in Elementary School. Photos can be uploaded via iPhone as well and can be shared between Hearst families.

From now until September 30th, save 15% when you pre-order your yearbook. Use the code (passcode included and listed below) and your price moves to $21.25. 

  • From now until September 30th, save 15% for a price of $21.25
  • From October 1st - 31st, save 10% for a total price of $22.50
  • From November 1st-30th, save 5%, for a total price of $23.75

Prices go up to regular price of $25/book on December 1st. 

Questions? Please email our Yearbook Chair Monica Plata at 

If you'd like to join our Yearbook team, we'd love to have you! Tree Ring is a really great program, fun and easy to use for desktop, iPhone and Android users. Email Monica Plata if you like to join us! 


Signup Link:


Passcode: 1014872678954087