The Grade Level Contest for Top Spot…and Awards!


As in past years, there is a contest in each grade to see which classroom finishes in the Top Spot. The Top Spot Classes, one per grade, will get a movie party!

The road to the Top Spot is a little different this year. Classes in each grade will be ranked by a new formula that considers the number of laps that the class ran TOGETHER, the pledge total that those students brought in AS A CLASS, and the percentage of the class’s students who gathered pledges FOR THE SCHOOL. Every student’s participation is important this year, because every lap, every pledge, and every dollar makes a difference!

There will also be special recognition at the FUN Run Awards Assembly for the boy or girl who ran the most laps in each grade and for the student who raised the most money in each grade.

Finally, the boy and girl who ran the most laps in the entire school, and the three students who raised the most money in the entire school, will get to have lunch with Mr. Muniz.